Afrik FestiFood


The organization’s purpose is :

  • To cherish African culinary culture through the various African « cuisines » in order for the general public to discover their respective riches

  • To showcase renown and prestigious African Chefs as well as putting in the spotlight young African descent gourmets talents living in Africa and other parts of the world

In order to bring this purpose to life, the organization’s mission is to organize on a recurrent basis, an exclusive and unique event in Switzerland, in the form of a culinary festival. The festival will feature typical African gourmets dishes, culinary workshops, conferences, film projection, tasting as well as a grand market around Africa, including pop-up deli and groceries, boutiques, recipes providers, caterers and other craftsmen.

A 1st edition under the « discoveries » theme

Hôtel Ramada Encore Genève.

What do we know about African cuisine and food?

Under the theme of “discoveries”, this cuisine which is not well known from the general public, will be showcased during the first edition of #AfrikFestiFood, on February 28th, 29th and March 1st 2020 at the Hotel Ramada Encorein Geneva. T his culinary event will enable everyone to reconnect with or discover African food delights.

Unknown and too often under estimated, the numerous African cuisines will be presented with diversity over one weekend, which only goal will be to unleash the audience senses and encourage the visitors to taste delicious dishes coming from this rich continent where culinary traditions, exotic ingredients and flavors, incredible virtues thrive, whether you are meat or vegan lover you will find what you need!

A no miss event in Switzerland! The festival will also feature a team of renown Chefs, showcasing their skills during workshops and conferences, playing the role of prestigious ambassadors promoting this gastronomy amongst aficionados or curious and passionate food lovers.

Specifically designed for the occasion, a giant Maquis, including a variety of booths (mixing tasty and crafts pleasures), the festival promises to offer a unique culinary escape, real tasting maze throughout rich and diverse territories, as indeed the African cuisine is as diverse as are the population present on this broad continent. Get mesmerized and embark on this tasteful food journey across Mama Africa!